This Website

This website demonstrates, informs, and assists

This website explains the typical business identity and presence “in the cloud”, websites, social media presence in Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, blogs, email and more. You will find detailed discussions and instructions for setting up and using your sites. For many the material presented here, at no cost to users, is sufficient to help them establish their “cloud” presence.

The many pages, blogs, and sites that can be easily reached from here illustrate the wide range of “look and feel” that can be readily achieved by using WordPress tools to build a very effective web presence at modest cost.

This site, and the “demo” sites are all built on WordPress.

The Site Setup page and articles are meant for newcomers to the web to get a basic understanding of what is involved and how to go about getting one’s own site.

CloudLadder provides services at modest cost to help artists, restaurateurs, and other entrepreneurs to build their “place in the cloud”.

Site Setup – A series of articles to walk you through the basics.

Demonstration Sites – A collection of demonstration sites to illustrate many aspects and varieties of approaches.

Resources – Links to external sites and resources