Making a favicon for your site

Those little icon you see in front of the URL in the browser address bar are called “favicons”. On you own website you might want to feature your own. How do you do that?

First you need to make up some artwork. Favicons are square, so your art should be also. Favicons are small, so your art should be simple and made of bold features so it will be recognizable in that tiny image.

cloudladder-logo-HEAVY-SQFor most sites you need an ICO file, a file that has the extension “.ico” and is in that format. Here is a site that will take your art image (usually in a JPG format) and make it into a favicon. You can even do editing of your art on that site: X-Icon Editor Just follow the instruction on that site.

We started with a “heavied” up version of our logo. This way no additional editing was needed.


On that site you use “Import” to upload your art and “Export” to download your finished favicon. The normal name for the file is “favicon.ico” and it contains versions in different sizes.

How do you use the favicon and get it to show on your website? That is a topic for another post.

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