Free Evaluation Offer to Artists

Can you be found on the Internet?

When you do a search on your own name, Google, Bing, and the others, will return results “tailored” to you. Really, you will not see what others will receive as search results.

How can you be sure that what others get is what you want them to see?

There are some improvements to your sites that will help, but first you need to know what the problems are.

This is where our free offer comes in. Our very name suggests that we are here to help you get a “solid footing” in the “cloud” as the web is often referred to. We will run a search on your name. We will report the results back to you. We may also submit a proposal to you for making improvements and changes for you. There is no obligation on your part.

Just let us know what we should be searching for, like your name [ First Name Last Name ], your name with some additional search terms [First Name Last Name Artist Painter ]. You may request up to four search terms.

If you have a website we will also check and see if it is “mobile-friendly”. Google and Bing shun sites that will not show up well on mobile devices, or they will put them way down in the search results. That is not good for your business.

Please use the contact form below to get your free evaluation.

Please Note: This is a limited time offer.